Minerva Sink Modules

Minerva has a variety of under-mounted sink modules, which are marketed as component of a specially made 3050mm worktop with the sink area centrally placed. Our sink components come complete with your choice of under-mounted sink in stainless steel or white acrylic. Furthermore, each component is provided with the required sink waste installations and pipework– all you need to do is add the tap.

Pick from a single dish, a very big bowl, a 1.5 dish duo or a 1.5 developer dish in either stainless steel or white polymer. All alternatives are provided either left or appropriate handed dish.

As an option, if we are installing your Minerva worktop we can provide and install several other sink alternatives, further, we can place them in your work surface where you specifically require your sink to be, as we understand that not every kitchen design will accommodate a centrally placed sink. This custom option does also allow for a greater degree of flexibility in regards to your range of sink choices, more custom design drainer options and also reduces wasteful offcuts or unnecessary expensive joins if the “Set sink position” is not suitable for your project.